Mission Statement:

The HOAME: cooperative is a community of musicians, artists, and writers committed to creating and maintaining an art and music space open to anyone—regardless of age—with the desire to participate in a supportive environment for creative expression. We are deeply invested in do-it-yourself ethics; HOAME is completely not-for-profit and operated in whole by its members. In keeping with our dedication to inclusivity and unfettered artistic freedom, every HOAME event is affordable, substance-free, and open to people of all ages.

The House of Art, Music, Everything is first and foremost a home with open doors—a safe place for creativity and community.


HOAME: cooperative

Welcome to the HOAME: cooperative, an organization dedicated to creating an all-ages, not-for-profit venue for music and art in Midtown Memphis. In the coming weeks, we'll be using this space to display our mission statement, coming events, and further information about this exciting project.